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Rent an E-bike in Eindhoven

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E-bike prices:

Per day: € 25
Per week: € 149

Deposit: 100,- per bike

Why renting a bicycle?

Do you live in or around Eindhoven and do you like to rent one or more comfortable and modern e-bikes? Fietsverhuur Eindhoven, the number one provider of attractive and affordable e-bikes in and near Eindhoven, is the right place to be. But why would you rent an electric bicycle? There are many reasons to rent an e-bike for a shorter of longer period of time. Maybe because you are organizing a trip with co-workers, where you want to cycle through the area in a relaxing way and you need energy afterwards for other activities. Or because you want to take a long bike ride through nature with your partner. It is also possible that your own bicycle broke and you don’t want to buy a new one immediately, but want to take advantage of this ‘opportunity’ to see what kind of e-bike is suitable for purchase. Renting an e-bike for a while is a smart idea in that case. And, as a last example, it’s also a possibility that people without a bike need to travel by bike because there is something wrong with their drivers license and off course need to a way to travel to their workplaces. An e-bike is very useful in that situation because of the comfort and speed by which you arrive at your destined location.

Benefits of renting an e-bike

Renting an e-bike has many advantages. The biggest advantages of renting an e-bike in Eindhoven are:

  1. An e-bike cycles wonderfully thanks to the extra support and helping hand this bike offers. Cycling against the wind or up or down hill is no longer an issue!
  2. You do something good for the environment with an e-bike. The car can stay at home, even for the longer distances, which results in less CO2 emission.
  3. The speed you can reach with an e-bike is higher than what you can reach with a normal bicycle.
  4. Electric cycling is very relaxing and good for body and soul.

The range of e-bikes for rent at Fietsverhuur Eindhoven.

At Fietsverhuur Eindhoven you can – next to mountain bikes, city bikes and racing bikes – rent an e-bike which is brand new, very comfortable to ride and has a luxurious appearance at a very attractive rental rate. A high-quality e-bike you can rent at Fietsverhuur Eindhoven is a Giant e-bike. This e-bike brand is known as one of the most reliable and most advanced e-bikes that is currently made. The rental price for a Giant e-bike is only 25 euros per day. If you’d like to rent this bike for an entire week, this will cost 149 euros. You won’t find cheaper e-bikes for rent in Eindhoven!

Visit our website for all the possibilities

Take a visit at our website for more information about our rental e-bikes. If you have any questions, enter your phone number and we will call you to assist you.

We look forward to seeing you at Fietsverhuur Eindhoven!

An e-bike is suitable for:

City tour
Great distances outside the city
Performance cycling

Rent a bike right away >>

Pick-ups and drop-offs are NOT possible on Sundays and Mondays, then we are closed.

Rental conditions

  • Prices valid: December 2021
  • Identification is mandatory
  • 1 person per bicycle
  • Prices incl. VAT and excl. deposit
  • A cash deposit applies per bicycle
  • Reservations are required

Click here for the full Bovag rental conditions that apply.

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