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Racefiets prices:

Per day: € 40
Per week: € 250

Deposit: 100,- per bike

Rent a racing bike in Eindhoven

Is there anything better than feeling the wind in your hair while cycling? Especially when you are on a racing bike! Do you want to discover the city of Eindhoven and the surrounding areas in all its splendor? Then renting a racing bike is a step you just have to take. Bicycle rental Eindhoven is the supplier of bicycles in the region around Eindhoven. Why now choose a racing bycicle to rent and why rent with us? We will give you all the answers and more in the overview below:

Why choose a racing bike at Fietsverhuur Eindhoven?

Bicycle rental Eindhoven offers many advantages for every cycling enthusiast who wants to discover the region from its most beautiful side. An overview:

1. A central location

Bicycle rental Eindhoven is centrally located in the city, making it not only easy to reach but you can also immediately discover the most beautiful places in the city.

2. Carefree cycling

In addition, you can count on good insurance when renting your bike, which of course makes it even more pleasant to discover the city.

3. The best quality

Then the range of racing bikes consists of durable, high-quality bikes that offer you exactly the cycling experience you are looking for!

4. Partnership with producers of the bicycles

Thanks to a cooperative with various bike shops in the city, you can always be sure of a complete service when renting a racing bike.

The added value of a racing bike

A racing bike may only seem to apply to professional cyclists – but you can also enjoy it as a regular enthusiast. Do you like speed and do you want to discover Eindhoven and the surrounding area at a good pace? Then such a bike is ideal. Renting a racing bike gives you the opportunity to discover the nicest places around and in Eindhoven for a good price.

What options are there now? A question that you definitely want to get answered before you actually rent a bike! Racing bikes in the Eindhoven area come in different types and sizes, so that you can always find the best solution for your situation.

The Giant Road Bike

Do you, for example, want to be on the road as a true professional, with a racing bike that gives you the opportunity to get more speed and look tough? Then the Giant Road Bike is the solution for you: the tough, professional nature of this bike makes it the ideal option for the serious cyclist.

The Carbon Road bike

A carbon bicycle is the best solution if you want to get an aerodynamic effect while cycling. The use of carbon as a basic material for the bicycle ensures that it weighs lighter, making it much easier to achieve good speed. In short, this model is a must for the competitive cyclist!

Rent a cycling bike for a unique cycling experience

Renting a racing bike Eindhoven clearly offers various options, whatever your preferences are and how you want to experience your bike ride. Whichever model you prefer, you can always be sure of a high-quality and durable rental bike, which not only makes it more pleasant, but also safer to visit the city of Eindhoven and the surrounding area.

Do you want to discover for yourself what advantages a racing bike can offer, whether you are on vacation and want to discover Eindhoven or just want to go out with the family and get some speed? Then view the extensive range of racing bikes at Fietsverhuur Eindhoven!

A racing bike is suitable for:

City tour
Great distances outside the city
Performance cycling

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Pick-ups and drop-offs are NOT possible on Sundays and Mondays, then we are closed.

Rental conditions

  • Prices valid: December 2021
  • Identification is mandatory
  • 1 person per bicycle
  • Prices incl. VAT and excl. deposit
  • A cash deposit applies per bicycle
  • Reservations are required

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