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Mountainbike prices:

Per day: € 20
Per week: € 125

Deposit: 100,- per bike

Renting a mountainbike in Eindhoven

Mountainbiking is one of the most popular sports among youngsters. But more and more people, both adults and young people want to explore the benefits of this sport. As this sport combines cycling with adventure and challenge, it’s ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. If you are staying in Eindhoven and its surroundings and wish to explore this sport, then renting a mountainbike is a great idea. What are the benefits of renting a mountainbike in Eindhoven and why should you rely on a specialized rental service?

The added benefit of renting a mountainbike

Bike rental Eindhoven makes it possible for everyone to experience mountainbiking in their own personal way. Of course experienced and advanced cyclist can also make use of the wide range of bikes offered by this specialized service, who has the best solution for every preference and situation. Of course a mountanbike is much more sturdy than a normal bicycle, to be able to handle rough and resistant terrain. On your average mountainbike trail in Eindhoven, you’ll certainly encounter lots of humps and bumps, unexpected turns and treacherous terrain and that’s exactly where a good suspension system and firm tires show their worth. Bike rental Eindhoven offers only excellent quality mountainbikes and therefore guarantees a challenging, safe and enjoyable ride.

Renting a mountainbike for every preference

If you rent a mountainbike or ATB, there is a lot to consider. There are many different models, each with their own possibilities. There are kids bikes in several bright and attractive colors, specifically for the little ones. And for the adults there is a great variaty of bikes; sports models ideal for even the roughest mountainbiker. All this makes renting a mountainbike in Helmond (moet dit niet Eindhoven zijn?) and its surroundings easy for everyone. Add to that the wooded area around Eindhoven and you’ll have the perfect combination of circumstances to enjoy the sport in the best way possible.

Mountainbiking at an agreeable price

If you rent your mountainbike at you’ll get a pleasant rate. There are several price-ranges, depending on model and rental period. The many benefits include exploring the beautiful areas around Eindhoven at your own pace, enoying a peaceful ride on your own or getting the best out of mountainbiking with family or friends. The complete service of the mountainbike specialist ensures a great experience.

A mountainbike is suitable for:

City tour
Great distances outside the city
Performance cycling

Rent a bike right away >>

Pick-ups and drop-offs are NOT possible on Sundays and Mondays, then we are closed.

Rental Conditions

  • Prices valid: December 2021
  • Identification is mandatory
  • 1 person per bicycle
  • Prices incl. VAT and excl. deposit
  • A cash deposit applies per bicycle
  • Reservations are required

Click here for the full Bovag rental conditions that apply.

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